We understand that mortgages aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s where we step in, offering personalised advice on every aspect of your home loan journey.

As your go-to mortgage broker for refinancing, we focus on understanding your personal circumstances and financial commitments. Our aim is to help you unlock equity from your current property and secure lower interest rates on your new loan, allowing you to pay off your loan faster.

Our experienced mortgage brokers analyse the home loan market comprehensively. We sift through a variety of loan products from different lenders to help you secure the best deal on your refinance application. A key feature of our service is helping you understand all the costs involved in refinancing. We explain the implications of lender’s mortgage insurance, ongoing fees, and the loan amount in the context of your borrowing costs.

And it doesn’t stop there! We also offer personal advice on how to manage your credit file and the eligibility criteria for various loan products. Whether you are after a better deal on your existing loan, or exploring options for a new loan for an investment property, we work to ensure that the complexity of the home loan market becomes a less daunting task.

Our personal loans service aims to offer you a simpler way to manage your other debts. By consolidating debt, you could secure lower interest rates and free up additional funds each month, putting the most money back into your pocket.

At CLN Home Loans, we understand how daunting and tedious buying your first home can be. From rising property prices and a wealth of new concepts to get your head around to the fierce competition posed by established investors and other first-home buyers in Melbourne – it’s no wonder so many people feel overwhelmed.
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