Buying a home can be stressful if you don’t have a right insights of which loan is best up in terms -of rates, loan terms and what features you need. With access to a range of lenders, you can be confident that CLN Home Loans can find you the best loan option for your capacity. Our experienced loan managers will take you through all the processes smoothly so you don’t have a thing to worry.

Overview of Loan process

For most people, buying a house will be the biggest purchase they will make in their lives. It’s crucial to hit the right Home Loan to finance your purchase. That is why getting the right mortgage broker can make a difference to you. Choosing an independent mortgage broker means you will not be just offered the products that the franchise wants them to offer but you will get an unbiased view of all Loan options available.

We work very closely with the Banks and the financial institutions in order to get the best deal for you. We are an independent entity and not owned by any banks, so we are free to offer you the best deals in the market. Our motivation is to work with you to find the best loan to meet your needs.

How can we assist you?

At CLN Home Loans, we follow a structured path to get organized and win the best Loan solution for our clients. We know the fact that individual financing preferences and borrowing capacities are different but our forces is to make the loan process as easy and straightforward as possible for the client.

1. Interview

2. Proposal

3. Application Submission

4. Loan Approval

5. Loan Documentation

6. Settlement and aftersales services

During the interview process our consultants will discuss and assess your current position and ascertain your financial requirement. There after we will come up with different Financing options available and assist you to find the most favourable loan for your needs.

Dealing with a trusted mortgage broker as CLN Home Loans, can have many benefits for you including:

Convenience: You can deal with us online. When the time comes for us to meet, we come to you.

Provide you the best option: We can offer you a great range of home loans from many different lenders.

Dedicated and Customized Service: We aim to make the process of getting a home loan as easy as possible.

After sales service: Our involvement does not end with selection of the best financing alternative But keep engaging with you and advice all your inquiries.

Home Loan Types - (First Home, Next Home, Refinancing, Construction or Investment)


Buying First Home Loan

Buying your first home is always an exciting experience. But it can also be pressurizing with the paperwork to complete and so much to consider. You'll need to determine the kind of property you'd like to buy, the size of your budget, and you'll need to somehow make sense of the home loan application form.

How CLN Home Loan Help you?

We can support and guide you through the entire home loan application process. Our consultants can help you determine your goals, needs, and assess your borrowing capacity, as well as tell you about all the associated costs involved in buying your first home – including stamp duty costs.

These experts can also answer any questions you may have on how to buy a house for the first time. This will speed up the entire process in getting your first home loan, and ultimately give you more time to focus on finding that perfect dream home. Apparently buying your first home requires a lot of paperwork. But, no need to worry. CLN Home Loan broker can help you gather all the necessary documents and forms needed to make owning your first home a reality.

With CLN Home Loans you will be dealing with industry experts and they will take the hassle out to make your life easy and reach your ultimate goal. With their years of experience and industry contacts they can set you up with a home loan provider that perfectly matches your financial goals and situation. They deal with all the providers out there, including all the big banks, non-bank lenders, and specialist lenders.

So if you're currently a first home buyer, or thinking of buying your first home in the near future, contact us today.


Next Loan

As the next home Loan buyer you know the hassle and amount of time it consume for the entire Home Loan process. But we can show you two alternative option to finance your next home loan.

Bridging Loan - As the name implied, this loan bridge the financial gap of your current home and the next one. This is usually happen when people planning to buy a new house even before they sell the existing one.

Turing your home Loan to an investment property - This is to use your available property in to and investment property to finance your next home. CLN Home Loans can assist you with all these complicated scenarios and guild you throughout the life Cycle.


Construction Loans

Make building or renovating your home a reality with a loan that’s geared towards covering the construction period for a maximum of 12 months.

With our construction loan, you can build on land you already own or you can use it to buy a new block of land to build on within 12 months.

Once construction is complete, you have the flexibility to choose from the range of other home loans on offer but the Construction Loan is perfect for taking the first steps into building your own home.

Available to buy land, build on your land or renovate

Borrow up to 90% of the property value

Make additional repayments without penalty

What are the features?

Helps you buy land and build a home, build a home on your existing land, or renovate your existing home

Borrow between $40,000 and $850,000 and up to 90% of the property value

Enjoy a variable interest rate that applies during the construction period

Choose to make progress payments, so you can draw the loan amount in instalments as the construction progresses

Make additional repayments at any time without penalty.


Refinancing Loans

Are you suffering with high mortgage repayments, or just looking for a better deal? Refinance your home loan to find a cheaper home loan and ensure your home loan is working for you.

Reviewing your mortgage and lending position every one to two years, makes good sense. As your circumstances change over time, and new and improved home loan products becoming available all the time, it makes sense to speak with a professional, to ensure your mortgage is still the best suited to your personal circumstances.

Why refinance your home loan?

The main objective is to find a cheaper home loan, restructuring your lending to save you money on repayments.

To get peace of mind with a fixed rate home loan or a better home loan rate.

To reduce your monthly home loan payments.

Consolidate debts including credit cards and personal loans which carry high interest rates into a home Loan rate which may save $100’s per month in repayments.

You may require funds to renovate your home, or for investment or for business use.

Home buying advice

Property purchase is a significant one and having a team of professionals around you is an important to assist you for your any financing requirements.

Handling your financing to ensure a smooth, stress-free transaction is crucial. CLN Home Loans broker can work with you to assess your finances and determine which home loan options and borrowing structure will best suit you in your property purchase.

After careful assessment of your current equity and borrowing we will determine which home loan structure will better match your future plans and goals, the expertise and experience a CLN Home Loans broker can offer you will be invaluable.

A solid team of qualified brokers will maximise your chances of success in the property market.

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